160m QSL Gallery

Dear visitors of the re-opened 160m QSL gallery page let me invite you here again.

First of all let me express some words about situation concerning this gallery. I was recently informed by my www pages administrator and Internet provider about huge hacker attack of the pages. He had to switch off the pages to let him work on their higher security. All seems to be O.K. from now.

I decided to publish my results of over 50 years stay on the 160m band. Every QSL card was verified by the ARRL HQ or LoTW or OK1MP, who is a field manager of the ARRL DXCC program. 

Who from HAM all over the world is so dare as I am, and publishing own score on the Internet, when he claims his DXCC score in various competitions statement ?

Everybody will have to make own decision what believe in . I am not close friend of the ARRL LoTW program but still seems to me the one is the most reliable system for the DXCC program verification. The NC1L, a manager of the ARRL DXCC desk wrote me years ago (now S.K sorry): " what is ones approved in the LoTW cannot be taken off and it is there forever ".

I decided to open my 160m QSL gallery again and let everyone having opportunity investigate one as deep as possible if the LoTW confirmation is not enough for somebody and wants to impeach the LoTW system .

Pfx Call Dxcc name Cont Image: