Final attitude

I've been devoted to HAM radio for over 60 years since my childhood. The “ scandal “ G3TXF caused by exposure of so called “ Anatomy of OK1RD´s fake C21XF 160m QSL “ turned everything upside-down. By accident I found a lot of slanderous voices against me on web chats. There are so many absurd accusations like for example: all my awards have been made in photo shop, expelled from ARRL, not having score presented on web pages or one cannot believe what is on the Internet and so on. I could agree to the last one, but it applies to everyone and everything on the Net.

I decided to put on my Internet QSL gallery to show that score I claim is real and mainly all QSLs are verified by responsible authorities. This cannot be said about many others HAMs claiming their score in “Who is who on the Topband“, ClubLog or similar web sites. Unfortunately I did not anticipated hackers activities on my web pages. I even know who is behind it, but police put my criminal complain aside as it was not considered as a criminal act due to low security of the cloud. Without an official investigation and evidences I cannot publish the culprit's name.

My last sentence concerning the C21XF case. If I were G3TXF or G3TXF was a decent guy I would contact the person first and ask him to explain the situation especially without having any original (paper) of the “fake” QSL in hand but only the picture from the Internet. 

I can ask the same question: Is the truth what is on Internet? I do not allow anybody to destroy my HAM radio carrier. Everybody can see on my web pages what I have done for HAM radio, what top antenna systems and other hardware I built to be able to achieve so high score.
As for the ARRL case I should say some remarks only because NC1L passed away recently and he couldn't react. I submitted my DXCC 160m list and some QSL cards to ARRL (not to the LoTW, yet) for direct checking to have them approved by the ARRL DXCC counter based on their rules for 160m band in 2008. Everything had been checked thoroughly and the awards were granted. In addition I would become nr.1 on the Topband even without the deleted DXCC countries (I did not know that deleted countries were counted to the score for separate bands that time). After a short time suddenly one U.S. HAM skipped me in the DXCC list, although it's notoriously known that US HAMs competing for the first place run with every new QSL to the ARRL right away. We all know how difficult is to work a new country on 160m band if you have a very high DXCC score there. Thus adding up say 5 new countries at once looked very strange. I asked the ARRL DXCC desk for some explanation. I said I didn't want to accuse NC1L of anything, but from our personal discussion I had an impression that US HAMs must be always No. 1. After almost a year a very strange reaction had come from the ARRL. They required sending all my QSL cards for physical re-check thus breaking roughly their own rules as ARRL directly checked them before. I was warned not to send my QSL cards in this situation as they may “get lost”. After all they changed the rule after a short time. Now the area manager is entitled to approve QSLs also for 160m band. So if ARRL was really interested in the re-checking they could do it easily by requesting our local area manager. This never happened, though. Disgusted by such practice of ARRL I decided to cancel my ARRL membership and had my call deleted from all their lists. I was NOT expelled.
This is the story for those who have doubts about my results in our hobby. I know that some of the doubters may not believe this explanation but based on my life (old timer) experience there are always people unsuccessful in HAM radio hobby (and sometimes in their lives) who only envy the successes of others.

I wish all HAMs be pleased by our hobby !!! There are so many branches in HAM radio were everybody could find him own way. I personally went to EME 2m and 6m operation, going to be active on 60m band and IOTA is nice challenge as well.

 For those who are not persuaded about my declaration, shortly " cut the crap ".