Important note

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Dear readers of the DXCC section of my pages let me tell you that I have put and end to my activity on HF bands.
I spent on HF bands 46 years of my HAM radio activity, on the Topband mainly by this time. I have taken a pleasure in this time but now, because let say 99% of the DXCC bandpoints program is managed inclusive of the 160m band, I decided to turn up my interest to 6m and further 2m ( EME ) band.
One of the reason to leave HF bands is also HAMs behaviour on one too.
I will also check the HF bands and call rare DXpeditions but from time to time only.
My QSLing policy for HF bands is as follow: I would appreciate reply to my direct sending QSL cards. Please do not send me QSL requirements for HF qso with my personal calls and for my DX expeditions
( 3D2TN, T30R,T32RD,T33RD,J8OK,KP2/…, 3B8/… etc. ). I will not reply ! I handed over all the LOGs to LoTW.    
Thank you for understanding my standpoint.
Good luck to you on HF bands.
(January 31st, 2010 )