The truth about C21XF/G3TXF case

Dear visitors of this www page let me express my standpoint to scandal which opens G3TXF with his:

Anatomy of OK1RD's fake C21XF 160m QSL 


Here you are the truth. My www pages had been assaulted by hacker on 29 August 2016 or so. It is a year since time when published on my www.ok1rd.com (why G3TXF did not see fake qsl during one year, shortly was not there ? YES). Based on Internet provider information IP address came from OK land and because the qsl gallery was situated in separate cloud the hacker downloaded whole all bands batch of my qsl cards. This situation allows him to make everything with one and modify in one whatever wants. My DXCC score on HF bands racks him in brain. I wanted all to let it be initially, but G3TXF report started up a maniac drive against me not only in HAM news but on the bands as well. It is not easy to stay so high…. I spent on HF bands over 50 years and I do not want to throw away all due to some envious hacker. It is so in life that a lot of others have to knock up personal verdict without knowledge opinion of affected site / like PA3GCV from Who is Who…./. First of all I do not need to be glorified as nr. 1 !!!

I decided now put the matters on right way. As mentioned before I still insist on my standpoint that verification by the LoTW is the most reliable method how to verify claimed DXCC score. /note: I wonder how PA3GCV verifies his sheep into his list /. I wanted to be the most open and put my QSL cards and verification to www pages, it was not good step as I can see now. When G3TXF published his sharp issue against me I was surprised at one because my first reaction to Michael, G7VJR owner of the ClubLog, was I have never seen this fake qsl card before.

I will also not do it something like that because:

  • a) I had confirmed C21 DXCC country on 160m band since 1987 year
  • b) I did not apply for C21 in the LoTW . I made a deep investigation of my DXCC application which was done almost 10 years ago and I did not find C21XF there in one. See below copy of origin application.
  • c) Could be anybody so crazy to do anything with C21XF qsl if knows there was no operation on 160m band. Not me !!!

I saw also another dash against me, for example 5W0KI station which I found into my log and qsl on 17m band worked sometime forenoon the hacker put a point between 18MHz and made from qso on 17m band qso on 1.8MHz. I could describe another more cases how I am assaulted. So I had to ask administrator to change structure of qsl gallery. Whatever else circulate on the Internet is FAKE.

I must ask G3TXF and all those spread G3TXF standpoint concerning C21XF to publish my article as well.

Easy to foul somebody but more difficult to clean up one.

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