Anatomy of G3TXF´s DX expedition(s) QSL ing

published on 12/07/2017

Mr. Nigel Cawthorne, G3TXF a notorious DX expeditions man published this article " http://www.g3txf.com/…ake-C21.html " in August 2016.

He claims in his article that I (OK1RD ) fabricated evidence of C21XF QSL card to have this DXCC country confirmed on the 160m band. He let loose an offensive against me with the purpose to destroy my over 50 years activity on the TopBand. He even accused the ARRL committee which checked all of my QSL cards and awarded me the highest score on this band that time.

I have got enormous number of messages in which even well known HAMs called me swindler. Therefore I started investigation how this case could even happen. My standpoints and facts have been published already. Fortunately I have got also several positive reactions including photos of a few C21XF QSL cards confirming QSOs on 160m band (see below). These are relevant facts. The QSL cards below seems to me genuine I have no doubt about it.

I have been considering for very long time to come out with these C21XF 160m QSLs, but when unremitting attacks against me continued I decided to publish Anatomy of  G3TXF´s QSLing style. G3TXF in his article above claims and writes on the QSL card that there was no C21XF activity on 160m band. But I have got several QSL cards in my e-mail on which G3TXF is confirming C21XF qso on 160m band to some HAM stations from EU. Considering my personal experience when some known EU HAMs asked me to confirm our non-existing QSOs of my expeditions (for example T33RD on 160m) by QSL or LoTW  and offered me to pay hundred of EUR to do this (I refused to do it of course), I can imagine that G3TXF is selling his expeditions QSL cards for non-existing QSOs all over the HAM world.

Where actually is HAM radio going if one can buy QSL cards of a DX expedition or can listen to DX from hired remote site close to the DX station or working DX from one station on several HAM calls or similar things? I am pleased to have left HF bands for VHF EME where this sort of trickery doesn't happen.

  c21xf-1-nahled c21xf-2-nahled c21xf-3-nahled


PS: G3TXF article above see  " http://www.g3txf.com/…ake-C21.html "  suddenly disappeared from his www pages on 15/07/2017.