List of the DXCC countries worked on the 60m band. 

My real 60mtrs operation has started since year 2016. I was active in test mode only from time to time of course in previous years. 

I worked 100 DXCC countries on 60m band after heavy effort on February 12ve, 2017. It was a big struggle to reach this goal because of limited power 100W on the band and just a few frequancy channels on one. I am the 3rd EU station working DXCC and the 1st station from EU received WAS on 60m band. The 60m band is fun !!!! 

on July 27th , 2022

 Current DXCC score:  235 confirmed (by QSL or the LoTW )  235 worked:

The confirmed DXCC countries via the LoTW one can find there, in spite of the fact that 60m band is not counted in the DXCC program yet. The confirmation through the LoTW  can be found when you log in your call LoTW pages in section " Your QSOs "

The LoTW 60m band QSO confirmation makes about 85% of CFMD and only 15% I cover by " classic " QSLing