60m Band DXCC

List of the DXCC countries worked on the 60m band. 

My real 60mtrs operation has started since year 2016. I was active in test mode only from time to time of course in previous years. 

I worked 100 DXCC countries on 60m band after heavy effort on February 12ve, 2017. It was a big struggle to reach this goal because of limited power 100W on the band and just a few frequancy channels on one. I am maybe the 3rd EU station working DXCC on 60m band. I found that OZ8ABE is nr.1 but his licence allows him 1,5kW power and big continuous frequancy range on the band. The 2nd announced is CT1EEB. Both stations are over 2 000 km more closely to west then my QTH is, what makes west area on which are issued the most of the 60m licences much more easier workable. I will not to decline their affort working over 100 DXCC on 60m band. The 60m band is fun !!!! 

Current score: 117 DXCC countries on 18/06/2017

The DXCC current score can be found down the table as well.

Pfx Call Dxcc name Cont Date