DXCC on the 2m band

List of the DXCC countries worked/confirmed on the 2m band. Sorting can be switched in the header .
As I spent almost 50 years on the HF bands I do not play off " Squares, Grids and other sort
of VHF/UHF habits but the only for " classic " DXCC, WAC, WAZ and WAS.
My 2m operation started on December 21st. 2010 ( written on 21st of December 2010 )


( written on 21st of May 2015 )

I built quite powerful 2m EME system which consists of : 8×14XP antenna system, IO+ RX via Linrad software, 3 kW plus power amplifier, circular TXing and a lot more features remotely controlled. It was a lot of effort and spent huge amount of money, believe me !!!. Unfortunately I found that operation with the system above makes the EME 2m operation very easy. I named this situation " HAM radio operation paradox ". One makes big effort and invests a  lot of money into own hobby and this is a result. Further I am missing CW operation on EME 2m band, every qso is done by JT65 mode mostly. As the HF operator nurseling by the Topband the 2m band EME not thrilling me enough!!!! I am considering go back to Topband in spite of having all except 4 current DXCC countries confirmed and verified  by the ARRL (see on my www pages HF part ). The 160m band operation made me much higher thrill then 2m EME. Nothing against EMErs it is very nice community. Thanks for nice experience EME boys.

 Goal is to reach 130 

I decided to go on for a while.......

01–03–2023 DXCC score :176