I'm sorry to announce that I decided to end my activity on the 160m band after 56 years of being QRV there on.
The minor reason for this is that I'm missing only 1 DXCC country and it is P5 on that band which very likely won't be active in the near future and due to my age….. But the main reason, however, is the change of the attitude of the ham community to the DXing in the recent years. The technology advance, especially the internet, allows access to remote controlled stations placed near the DX expedition position. This completely ruins and degrades DXing as such in particular on low bands. In my days we had to build better equipment and antennas to make a QSO with DX expeditions. Nowadays it's just a matter of money and internet connection. I don't care if someone enjoys this way of making QSOs, but I never will follow this practice.
For now I decided to stay only on the 60m band on which no remote controlled stations exist, yet ?


The development of the last few days / March 2020 / when the DXCC Committee unduly excluded me from the ARRL / read section QUO VADIS DXCC on this my sites / I decided to place my DXCC 160m score here. The stations placed behind me in the 160m DXCC Standings may have managed to kick me out from position # 1. But my 160m DXCC score 348 countries, validated ARRL, remains unquestionable. 


   No one can question my DXCC 160 score 348 countries cross-verified by sending the QSLs to the DXCC HQ. I'm presentig to the public the next 3 DXCC countries on160m band which QSLs I received from the QSL managers of these expeditions { K1B,AH3C/KH5J and KH8S/K3UY }. These cards were personally verified by the regional QSL manager OK1MP. Milos was selected by the DXCC  Commission and this function he honestly performs tens of years. Of course, that appears fault-finders like W4ZV, questions the authenticity of the QSL cards. Of course, however, it directly attacks the integrity of Milos OK1MP, who had these QSL cards in his hands and verified their authenticity. But those first few in DXCC 160m Standing have bad luck, my verified DXCC score on 160m can not be questioned and no one of these guys could reach this score for rest of their lifes. But these QSLs cards were sent to me by the expedition`s QSL managers, but I couldn't find them in the LoTW. There for these QSL cards have never been presested for recognition in 160m DXCC program. But for me are valid.
I have received a lots of E-mails from DX community confirming the DXCC Commitee dependence on the wishes of the specific group of low banders promoting their interests even at the cost of breaking their own rules. 


The final DXCC 160m score: 351 all the time / 339 current

 I am still missing: P5

It's worth continuing in the DXing on 160m band ?????


Everyone here down can verify that already in 2009 I was in first place in the DXCC 160m standings.This means that there has been no fraud on my part and my position in the first place in 2019 ten years later is only a confirmation of my development. It simply proves the bias of the DXCC commission and its decision of my exclusion from the DXCC competition was purely purposeful.
Let them fuck with the whole DXCC 



DXCC 160m standings in 2009