I have been using the Beverage antennas in star configuration (each cca 400m long) on my remote controlled QTH for reception. There were single wire Beverages + end fire one + 2× Beverages phased in 90m spacing too. The former Beverage antenna system was spread on 50ha of the surface and whole year used ( not just for winter season ) and worked very well. Nevertheless time is running and my knees are not such what used to be and the maintaining of so vast antenna system has become more or less difficult.

I decided to re-build the Beverage antennas system into two wires two directions switchable. Also thanks to surprisingly super performance of the 8 Circle antenna for 160m band, I counted that by reducing of the Beverage antenna system I should not lose very much. The covered area was reduced substantially.

The existent Beverage antenna system consists of 4– times reversible Beverage antennas in length of 320m each. It means that all areas of DX interest are well covered except polar magnetic oval (which is rarely used for DX communication on low bands).



The Joint Point of all Beverage Antennas At the first and the end poles the twin-wire is connected to the W8JI reversible Beverage system RBS-1P One of the Beverage antenna route (5× support/4m high, at 90m spacing)
bev1-1-nahled bev5-1-nahled bev2-1-nahled bev7-1-nahled bev8-1-nahled