Equipment 60m

     My serious 60m band operation has started in the year of 2016. I was waiting for and look forward my come back to CW and SSB operation on this band. Unfortunately due to power limitation on this band all over the world / except OZ, I guess / from 10W to let say 100W, is very difficult to realize QSOs. We can see that maybe only possibility to make DX contact is using digital mode JT65. 

The way how to improve both RXing and TXing is realize good antenna system. Here you are my current equipment I have in use for operation on 60m band.

I am using equipment as follow:

FTdx 3000 with 50W out only / JT65 mode would destroy TRX PA if full 100W used long time /

Beverages system which I used to use for 160m and 80m please see section " Remote QTH " of my www pages here. But this system can be used for CW and SSB operation only because is impossible used digital modes on my remote site at the moment.

Inverted Vee at 30m appex of antenna for RXing and TXing

Phased double delta loop built recently. This antenna excellently works aiming at West e.g. Carribbean Sea and U.S.A..

One can see down drawing of my antenna version.

 My piece of knowledge from operation 60m band 

As mentioned above, power limit for most of DXCC countries on 60m band makes operation on the band very difficult. I am chasing for the „classic“ HAM radio program it means DXCC, WAZ and WAS what I did last almost 60 years on other bands. I found that reaching goals needs super perfect listening mainly. 

My Beverages antennas system / see TopBand part of www pages / consists of 7 Beverages 320 mtrs each long. Unfortunately I found that the Beverages are too long for 60m band and I feel deep gap between directions 275° and 330° aiming at State side.

 I decided to solve the problem and bought Eight Element Array Hi-Z-8A-LV2–60–1 from DX-Enginnering on which I read excellent evaluation how it works perfectly wrote by avid low bands operators.

Not cheap purchase / cca 1500USD the Hi-Z alone + VAT+ duty+ postage done 2500USD altogether / but what one did not do for own hobby !!!!!!  The goods came very quickly during a week.

Because I like working on antennas in winter time ( Hi Hi Hi ) I installed the 8 element antenna system quickly. I had experience with building by my own a passive 8 Circle antenna for 160m band before with very good result. I compared 8 Circle antenna for the TopBand for years and the one was very competitive with my Beverages system. The Hi-Z-8A-LV2–60–1 antenna is now ready to use thanks to help of Lee, K7TJR developer of the system.

One can find some photos of the antenna down. I will make faithful review about the antenna enforcement compare my Beverages antennas a few month after.

See some photos down.

1-nahled im000001-nahled im000002-nahled im000004-nahled im000008-nahled

The spring of 2017 year is here and I built a new antenna for 60m band. 

It is 2 elements beam the Moxon type at 29m high. This would complete my weapons for 60m band !!!!

This band is my new challenge. See some photos of the new antenna. 

  im000009-nahled im000010-nahled