Equipment 60m

Since I reached the world highest score verified by the ARRL in the 160m band, my HAM radio activity aims at EME operation on 6m and 2m bands and mainly at a new 60 m band. What I've learned over last almost 60 years of my HAM life that for good result, excluding good QTH is excellent antenna. So that I built a new antenna for 60m band, I decided to build a 2 element HB9CV / known as ZL special as well /. Based on Mr. Cebik analysis the HB9CV offers very good gain when phased with 162 deg. shift. The antenna gain is 7,3 dBi what is at level of 3 elements Yagi. I cannot serve my remote sites with Beverages anymore, but still working very well / see 160m band part  / due to my age and so I hope in good result of this my last antenna project in my life. 

You can see down the photos how big is HB9CV antenna for 60m band compare to 2 elements cubical quad antenna for 20 m band. 

I did recently compare the income between my long Beverages and the antenna HB9CV for 60m band. I knew a surprising results. My new antenna HB9CV provedes excellent reception. A difference between 320m long Beverages and HB9CV is everage 5,5 dB in advantage of HB9CV antenna !!!!! 


Antenna HB9CV ( ZL special ) for 60m band

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