DXCC on the 6m band

My 6m band operation goal is to reach 200 DXCC countries on this band without F2 propagation.
Then I will put and end to my activity on one.
My target achieved on 07/01/2015 !!!! 200 DXCC countries in the log

updated on :21–09–2021

score: DXCC all 6m band: 234 countries

I decided to put and end to my activity on the 6m band the EME operation included. I ended my operations on the bands due to my age.

It was nice several years which I spent on 6m band on EME mainly

My DXCC 6m band score approved by the ARRL is 231 DXCC countries. My last confirmed DXCC country was:

VK9XGJ – EME in 2017 years as 231st country.

Back on 6m band in 2021 ( type of propagation / a new DXCC country )

Unfortunately I found that noise level in my home QTH is between 15dB to 22dB above noise level measured  opposite to 50 Ohms dummy load, so that 6m band is closed for me for ever.