The 8 Circle Array for 160m

The eight circle array is antenna devoted for reception on 160m band only and designed with elements separation 0,65wl ( 107m ) and 120deg. of phase shift. The system is switchable for each 45deg. around. The connections into central point are made by 3/4 wl long coaxial cables. I let developed switching board with all switching logic now commercial available, see:…⟨=en

The elements are 6m of height with " T " capacitive hat 2×10m

The array works incredible well.............


Panoramic view Sweat bloody labour on my latifundia Cables Laying Job Plowshare for radials underground laying Building a Central Point
8cview-1-nahled 8circle2-1-nahled 8circle3-1-nahled 8circle5-1-nahled 8circle6-1-nahled
8 circle antenna centre Basic element ( 6m high, capacitive hat 2×10m ) 
8circle7-1-nahled 8circle8-1-nahled